Past Conferences


Theme: Work Psychology


  • Ilke Inceoglu: Leadership behaviours and employee health/well-being
  • Rebecca Lawthom: Doing work, community and family differently



Theme: Work Psychology: Shaping the Future


  • Nelarine Cornelius: Equality, diversity and inclusion in turbulent times: Challenges for theory and practice
  • Sally Maitlis: Rewriting a life: Making meaning after a work-related trauma
  • Timothy Judge: The science and practice of leadership: A critical appraisal and a proposed agenda for the future
  • Kevin Kelloway: Leading to occupational health and safety



Theme: Work and Organizational Psychology: Making a Difference


  • Rolf Van Dick: A social identity approach to stress in organizations
  • Gillian Symons: Contemporary technology and working lives
  • Michael Leiter & Karina Nielsen: Improving wellbeing at work: How can we make our interventions work?



Theme: Work, Wellbeing, Leadership & Performance


  • Jeroen Geelhoed: Creating value in a usual unusual way
  • Eduardo Salas: Three decades of team science: Progress and challenges ahead
  • Susan Murphy: Leadership for today’s organizations: How to avoid putting new wine in old bottles
  • Michael Frese: New frontiers in entrepreneurship research from a psychological perspective



Theme: Work, Wellbeing and Performance: Thriving in Times of Uncertainty


  • Gilad Chen: The motivating potential of teams: A systems-based perspective
  • Jochen Barth, David Carew, Alison McKinna, Mick Hood: Engaging in times of uncertainty
  • Talya Bauer: A tale of two decades in the making: Socialization and onboarding
  • Sharon Parker: What do we know and where to from here? New directions for understanding proactivity at work



Theme: Work, Wellbeing and Performance


  • Ann Marie Ryan: Work life interference: Filling in some gaps
  • Arnold Bakker: How engaged employees stay engaged
  • Gary Johns: Why people don’t go to workand why they go to work ill: A contextual view of absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Admiral Willcocks: Strategic leadership – A personal perspective



Theme: Work, Well-being and Performance: New Perspectives for the Modern Workplace


  • Sabine Sonnentag: Recovery from job stress
  • Anat Rafaeli: Anger in the Workplace
  • Pavica Barr: BT’s transformation to stay ahead of the game



Theme: International Work Psychology Conference


  • Peter Warr: Life is a Learning Process
  • James Farr: Reflections on I/O Psychology: A North American Perspective
  • Michael Frese: Towards an Active Person Concept in Work and Organizational Psychology